Our Popular Deities


Shri Saraswati

Mother Goddess Saraswati is the consort of Lord Brahma and the presiding deity or knowledge and wisdom. During Dasara, the 10th day called Vijaya Dashami is often  called as Vidya Dashami also when Shri Sharada pooja takes place in schools. In Mangalore  there is Sharada festival in Shri Venkatramana Temple on a grand  scale. In homes virtually there are no idols or Saraswati pooja.

Shri Vagdevi Saraswati :

There are no temples, no shrines and for Goddess Saraswati no day to day worship in GSB temples  as the presiding deity, but invariably she is remembered during poojas both in homes and temples by reciting  the Rigvedic Prayer, Shri Sukta which is addressed to Shri Vagdevi or the Goddess of Speech who is none other than Shri Saraswati. This sukta, unlike other prayers, is in the first person and the deity tells about  herself  very vocally. It opens with the words, I am the supporter to the deities, Mitra, Varuna, Indra, Agni and Ashwin(who in fact are the most prominent deities of the Vedas). I am the Maheshwari of this universe and the giver of everything to those who seek shelter in me. I reside in all the living beings as the source of life. Carrying the Rudra Dhanush, I also punish those who do not have faith in God. Even, devas worship me.